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Gift Day

You will have noticed that our projector screen recently collapsed and has been condemned as dangerous.  In addition our existing technology had been built up piecemeal over the years, leading to many “glitches” which distract from, rather than add to, good communication.

It’s a good opportunity to address this, and to have a system which is
up-to-date and aids both worship and general use.

The proposal:

+To have a central screen which can be completely hidden away, dropping down when necessary.

+To have two adjustable side screens at the front.

+To have screens for the choir space and worship team area.

+To have a network-based control centre and distribution centre which will be easier to use.

+To have a TV-type screen above the doors in the community room.


Flexibility in use for different styles of service.  The central screen is a good focus and the side screens could be used on their own – for example showing photos before a funeral when the central screen would be a distraction or for a service where screens might be needed for a video but need not be the main focus. Screens will be available without distracting from the main vista of the East Window.

Ease and reliability of operation.  The present system has many components, all drawing power and requiring to be switched on and plugged in correctly.  Much of the unreliability we sometimes experience is down to this complexity.  Control of the new system would be from a simple switch box at the sound desk.  No more need for multiple remote controls!

Upgradeable.  The network based system can be easily modified or expanded without having to replace or move existing components.

Community Room easy to use as a standalone meeting room without having to set up projectors and know how to use the sound desk.  Again it would be controlled by a simple switch box.

Notice Board facility on the Community Room screen.

More attractive to hirers using the Church or Community Room.

Technical info

The new central screen which will normally be hidden behind the top of the Chancel arch and be lowered electrically when required.  The existing large projector will be used for this.

The control centre will allow the laptop to be connected either at the front of church or at the sound desk.

The TV type screen above the folding doors in the Community Room will have a local control and connection unit and will be capable of relaying the main picture from church, allowing local connection of a laptop for meetings or for displaying church news items, pictures, menus and so on.

This project has been costed carefully and comes to £15,923.

However, there is also the possibility of upgrading the sound system and the connections to North Room and Rose Room.

Any extra funds raised will be allocated by the PCC to other capital needs.  For example, the eventual kitchen refurbishment and building repairs arising from the next five-year inspection are two areas for which we currently don’t have the necessary funds.

Review of regular giving

We are seeking to have a balanced budget this year.  Over the last few years we have got closer to this, as more people have joined regular giving and Gift Aided donations, which is fantastic.

We are also aware that this year we have a five-year inspection of the premises – which is likely to require work to be done.

The challenge

While numbers in our planned giving scheme remain fairly constant, at the moment people leaving the scheme (usually for circumstantial reasons!) tend to be giving more than those who join so there is always a bit of a natural ebb.

This year, in order to support the current ministry cost the PCC agreed to ask the congregation to find an extra £1 per person per week in regular giving – or around £20,000 pa.

This is needed if we are to break even in 2018.

Any extra will help do three things

+Build up our reserves again to the ‘3 months expenditure’ level

+Pay our Pastoral Director.

+Create funds for future repairs and refurbishment.


To find out more contact Guy Donegan-Cross

St Mark’s Church, Leeds Road, Harrogate, HG2 8AY
Email: guydonegancross@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 01423 544528.



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