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What is the Bellary Support Group (BSG)?


The purpose of the BSG is to support projects of the Church of South India in the Bellary area, specifically in their work with the poor and under-privileged. St Mark’s Church has been a strong supporter since it was founded here in Harrogate in 2002.

A key objective of the BSG is to encourage and help individuals and the local churches be self-sufficient  whether through education or through revenue-generating activities rather than dependant on outside aid.

The local church there has for over 150 years had a major concern for the very poorest in the Indian community – traditionally known as “untouchables” and more recently as “dalits” – the poorest and lowest caste – and in addition to hospitals and schools has set up a number of girls and boys boarding homes. These homes enable dalit children to receive a full education – rather than leave school at age 7 in order to labour in the fields or in construction – thereby escaping the cycle of poverty.

A lot has been going on over the last year!

Halvi Boy’s Home continues to thrive with 42 boys, and recent improvements have been made to the water supply, water storage and toilets.

LMT School in Bellary was completed and opened in February 2015. The new 200-infant/junior pupil school funded by BSG, replaces the dilapidated 164 year old building.

Halvi Church repairs were completed and the re-dedication service took place in June 2014. This was an amazing example of the local church community working together, not only giving 80% of the funds needed but also doing all the work. St Marks and BSG members contributed the balance.

To learn more about BSG, to see the latest photos of the LMT School and Halvi Church, to get copies of the Newsletter or find out how you can get involved, visit our website:



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