Launched in January 2016 BRICK (Building Resources In Christian Knowledge) is a programme of seminars designed to go a little deeper than we’re able to on Sundays. The sessions will each be an hour long and will be focused on various engaging subjects. All the sessions are free, and you can choose to come to one or all of the series. The seminars will include a presentation, followed by Q&A, with refreshments served afterwards. The next talk takes place at St Mark’s Church from 7.30-8.30pm. See details below of the four series:


Starting - Monday 6th March
at St Mark's Church, 7.30pm
Come along - everyone is welcome

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  1. 6th March

    Receiving the grace of Christ

    Christianity is based on grace – the goodness and generosity of God towards undeserving people. We look at the way the grace of Christ was revealed. Then we delve into why so many Christians carry around emotional baggage quite unnecessarily. For some Christians receiving and being transformed by His grace is clearly not straightforward.
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  2. 13th March

    Living and giving grace

    Once we have recognised and received grace we have no choice but to live in it and make it a way of life.   To be Christ-like is to be gracious, giving and forgiving towards everyone, even our enemies. Forgiveness is never easy but it helps to be clear exactly what it means and does not mean.   There is also the challenge to forgive ourselves for things past.

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  3. 20th March

    Experiencing the love of the Father

    God is love – easy, we all believe that.  But do we feel loved?  How does love drop from head to heart? God’s love was amply presented in our sermons last year. So in this session we shall just briefly recap by painting a picture of the Father’s love and then examine in some detail the obstacles to our experience of His love.

  4. 27th March

    Maintaining fellowship with the Spirit.

    We look at two phrases describing our relationship with the Spirit of Christ which don’t get much attention –“the fellowship of the Holy Spirit” and “the anointing of the Holy Spirit”.  ‘Fellowship’ usually conjures up images of coffee and chat at home group or the back of church.  But fellowship with the Holy Spirit?! For most of us this is a bit of a mystery and we don’t know what to think. To speak of the ‘anointing’ of the Spirit in relation to ourselves sounds a bit presumptuous but it is a key concept in the ministry of Jesus and is the basis of our ministry and mission.

BRICK - Seminars
  1. Scripture, mission. More...

    27th September
    Hearing stories, Sharing experiences.
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    4th September
    Bishop James Bell.  A Search for Good Disagreement.

    Rt Rev James Bell is Bishop of Ripon.  He was a parish priest for 11 years and he was an Area Dean for three years looking after 30 parishes and 60 clergy. He has been Adviser for Ministry and was Director of Ministry Training Programme at Willesden, Director of Ministry & Training for the Diocese of Ripon & Leeds and Director of Mission for the Diocese of Ripon & Leeds.  He has a background of parochial ministry, training and mission and his responsibilities include evangelism and church growth, rural affairs. Bishop James served a term as a member of General Synod and the House of Bishops and currently chairs the Rural Affairs Group of General Synod and the Yorkshire Ministry Course.

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    13th October
    Rev Dr Ian Paul.  The Biblical Case for the “Traditional Position”.

    Rev Dr Ian Paul completed ordination training and a PhD on biblical interpretation (on Paul Ricoeur and the metaphors of Revelation 12–13) before 10 years in parish ministry in Poole, Dorset. He was then on the staff of St John’s, Nottingham, mostly as Dean of Studies for nine years. He is now Associate Minister at St Nic’s, Nottingham, and Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham. He was a member of the General Synod for Salisbury Diocese, and has been Managing Editor of Grove Books Ltd for 20 years.

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    20th September

    Professor Robert Song.  Alternative Reflections.

    Professor Song teaches in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University.  Research interests include Bio-ethics, especially ethics & human genetics; Christian ethics; and Church and society. He is the author of Covenant and Calling: Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Relationships, (London: SCM Press, 2014) and edited The Authority of the Gospel: Explorations in Moral and Political Theology in Honour of Oliver O’Donovan, (Grand Rapids,
    Mi.: Eerdmans, 2013).

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  1. The Meaning of the Cross. More...

    The cross is the centre of our christian faith, and yet remains a mystery. What happened when Jesus died? How did his death 'save us from sin'? Can we ever understand it?

    Here is a chance to learn more about the Cross:

    23rd Feb.
    The Meaning of the Cross

    Background - why is it necessary for Jesus to die?
    The symbolism of the Last Supper
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    1st March.
    The Meaning of the Cross

    The Cross as a sacrifice for sin
    The Cross as justification before the law
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    8th March.
    The Meaning of the Cross

    The Cross as redemption from slavery
    The Cross as reconciliation with God

    15th March.
    The Meaning of the Cross

    The Cross as victory over evil
    The Cross as a demonstration of God's love
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  1. The Scientific Christian. More...

    Here is a chance to learn more about Science and God:

    Thursday 14th April
    Has Science Disproved God?
    Are science and faith inevitably in conflict? Are there limits to science? What is our response to modern cosmology, the Big Bang and the 'multiverse'?

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    Thursday 21st April
    Creation, Evolution and the Interpretation of Genesis
    Can you be a Christian and believe in evolution? How does the modern understanding of man's origins relate to the picture painted in the early chapters of Genesis?

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    Thursday 28th April
    Am I Just a Biological Machine?
    Am I determined simply by my genes and my environment? What do we make of the biblical terms soul and spirit or 'made in the image of God'? PLUS testimonies from working scientists.

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    The Series will be led by Tim Cundy and Andrew Clarke. No particular scientific knowledge will be assumed.

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Brick November
Brick course st marks harrogate

  1. Learning about the Gospels. More...

    The Gospels are for Christians the most important documents we have, because, without them, we would know very little about Jesus

    Here is a chance to learn more about them:

    Tues. 12th Jan.
    An introduction to the Gospel
    How did the Gospels come to be written?  Who wrote them and when?  In what ways do they differ?
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    19th Jan.
    The Gospel according to Mark
    Announcing the Kingdom – a vivid Gospel
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    26th Jan.
    The Gospel according to Matthew
    A teaching Gospel
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    2nd Feb.
    The Gospel according to Luke
    A Gospel for the outsider
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    9th Feb.
    The Gospel according to John
    A penetratingly reflective Gospel
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  1. The Worldwide Christian. More...

    Whose world is it anyway?
    15th November
    We introduce the biblical worldview and start to see where it challenges the assumptions we may have taken on from society around us.

    22nd November

    Can human rights solve human wrongs?
    We look at what secular and Christian worldviews have to say about what it means to be human and some practical implications that fall out of this (pun intended!).
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    29th November

    What makes work holy - and what about play?
    We reflect on what God is doing in the world today, according to the Christian worldview, and where our time can be well spent.

  1. Corporate Ethics and Christian Faith

    What does Jesus think of profit?
    We will explore 5 models of the relationship between Christ and Culture and aim to locate where we are on that spectrum. We will also indicate how that, and aspects of Christian history and tradition, might lead us to a particular starting point when considering corporate ethics.
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    How do you decide what the loving thing to
    do is?

    We will look at the advantages of the “love ethic of Jesus, but also the problems that Christians have struggled with in trying to apply this to their daily lives.
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    It may be legal, but is it right?
    As soon as you have two people you have a ‘corporation’, but how should corporations conduct themselves?  We will look at some of the ways that question has been answered – which will include drawing on the experience of the attendees.
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    How should we then live?
    This is the ‘so what?’ session. We will consider if it is possible (or even desirable) to have a ‘Christian’ company. We will also consider if successful companies can have principles that are compatible with the Bible.
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