CAP Course

“Manage your money, live your life”
sums up the CAP money course. CAP are well known for debt counsellling and have helped loads of people.

CAP have developed this course which will help everybody (including you!)  to improve their money management skills, regardless of your financial state. It includes:

  • How to build and live on a budget and advice on increasing your income and cutting costs.
  • A system that helps to simplify managing your money.
  • How to live from week to week using cash.

You don’t have to reveal any of your spending! You can work on your own finances in private. If you would like some extra help, one of the money coaches will provide confidential help. The course is for three consecutive evenings.

Info on how to join/find out more:

Please contact the church office and let them know if you would like to attend a course. Contact details for CAP:  Or visit:

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