St Mark's communities

What are St Mark’s Communities? Watch this video to find out more!

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St Mark's communities

Then join a St Mark’s Community.

Each community gets together frequently and in a predictable pattern. They are all different but have one shared vision:

Put Jesus at the centre, living life as a family of servants,
demonstrating and declaring the good news.

Communities are for everyone. Joining a community is the best way to get connected to each other, to love God together, to serve and bless others.

Why do we need them?

  • So we can be family in a meaningful way – you can achieve that in smaller groups.
  • Because we grow best in community.
  • We don’t exist for ourselves but to be a blessing to others – as a family we have a shared sense of mission.

What do they look like?

Modelling – Communities are modelled on the life of Jesus by:

  • paying attention to relationship with God (up)
  •  our relationship with each other (in)
  • and by being a blessing to the community (out)

Living Out – Communities don’t “run a programme”,
but commit to shared rhythms of life together

  • Knowing God’s story and each others’ stories
  • Listening to God
  • Eating together
  • Celebrating and resting
  • Deliberately being a blessing to others


  • Spirit-led and prayerful – in all we do
  • Demonstrating and declaring – the good news
  • Vulnerable and humble – be guided by
    the Holy Spirit to share and serve
  • Committed and sacrificial – committed to the family
    and sacrificial for the sake of the kingdom
  • Welcoming and generous – embrace all and give
    as Jesus did

How are communities different to home group?

While there are similarities these emphases are key:

We expect communities to be growing in confidence in declaring and demonstrating the good news.

Communities are outward looking and open to all and we expect numerical growth.

We are seeking to integrate discipling community with mission and service.

They are about simplifying church life; community is not an extra group.

Discovery Bible study empowers through a method where everyone can lead, and equips us to be missionary servants.

It’s more rhythm than programme and it’s easy for people with no experience of church to come to.

How do I join?

Contact individual leaders direct – details coming soon

If you are still unsure, contact Dan Watts.

Start a community

Is there a particular way of being a blessing that God is putting on your heart, that is not reflected in one of the communities already? Would you like to form a family around it?

All you need to do is share your vision with
Dan Watts. You will be supported, trained and encouraged.

Contact Dan by email:

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