What are St Mark’s Communities? Watch this video to find out more!

Listen to the teaching on communities

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‘Our Vision of Group Life’

Then join a St Mark’s Community.

Each community gets together frequently and in a predictable pattern. They are all different but have one shared vision:

Put Jesus at the centre, living life as a family of servants,
demonstrating and declaring the good news.

Communities are for everyone. Joining a community is the best way to get connected to each other, to love God together, to serve and bless others.

Why do we need them?

  • So we can be family in a meaningful way – you can achieve that in smaller groups.
  • Because we grow best in community.
  • We don’t exist for ourselves but to be a blessing to others – as a family we have a shared sense of mission.

What do they look like?

Modelling – Communities are modelled on the life of Jesus by:

  • paying attention to relationship with God (up)
  •  our relationship with each other (in)
  • and by being a blessing to the community (out)

Living Out – Communities don’t “run a programme”,
but commit to shared rhythms of life together

  • Knowing God’s story and each others’ stories
  • Listening to God
  • Eating together
  • Celebrating and resting
  • Deliberately being a blessing to others


  • Spirit-led and prayerful – in all we do
  • Demonstrating and declaring – the good news
  • Vulnerable and humble – be guided by
    the Holy Spirit to share and serve
  • Committed and sacrificial – committed to the family
    and sacrificial for the sake of the kingdom
  • Welcoming and generous – embrace all and give
    as Jesus did

How are communities different to home group?

While there are similarities these emphases are key:

We expect communities to be growing in confidence in declaring and demonstrating the good news.

Communities are outward looking and open to all and we expect numerical growth.

We are seeking to integrate discipling community with mission and service.

They are about simplifying church life; community is not an extra group.

Discovery Bible study empowers through a method where everyone can lead, and equips us to be missionary servants.

It’s more rhythm than programme and it’s easy for people with no experience of church to come to.

How do I join?

Contact individual leaders direct – details coming soon

If you are still unsure, contact Dan Watts.

Start a community

Is there a particular way of being a blessing that God is putting on your heart, that is not reflected in one of the communities already? Would you like to form a family around it?

All you need to do is share your vision with
Dan Watts. You will be supported, trained and encouraged.

Contact Dan by email: daniel.watts11@icloud.com


Monday Mums community
Location:  North room, St Mark’s Church
When: Alternate Monday mornings 10am-11.45am

About us:
We enjoy studying the bible together and spending time in prayer, listening to God and each other. We like to encourage each other and share our faith with our children, family, friends and friends of friends. We are exploring together how best to do this. We are particularly good for mums with young children as we meet on a Monday morning at church with plenty of space for little ones.

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leaders :

Gail Vlack and Frances Bryant      Email: stmarkstoddlercoordinator@gmail.com


ZC community
Location:  Often meeting in each others homes within Harrogate.
When:  Weekly on Monday evening

About us:
Our community wants to be a blessing and share Jesus by joining in with Zero Carbon Harrogate and walking with people who love to care for God’s Earth. We also listen to God together through the Bible, and share life as a family of Christians, celebrating His goodness.

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:
Guy Donegan-Cross
Call: 01423 540160
Email: guydonegancross@yahoo.co.uk

The Innisfree’s community


The Innisfree’s community

Innisfree Close

Monday evening 7:45pm to 9:30pm

About us:
We help and encourage each other to listen, draw closer, grow in love and trust in God our father. We know he is the source of our strength and we enjoy spending time in his presence.

We enjoy meeting together as family to share our stories and our ups and downs. We encourage each other by being there for one another and by praying for each other’s concerns. We are a busy group of people who find peace in our meeting.

We desire to be like Jesus. We aim to overflow with love for all we come into contact with. We encourage one another to recognise where God is at work and to respond. We pray regularly for those who do not yet know Jesus and are ready to share our faith as often as we can.

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:

Shirley Jones
Call:   07581289943
Email: shirleyj824@gmail.com           

Anne McVeigh
Email: stuartandanne@mcv16bg.plus.com



TMG community
Location: Hospitality is offered for half a term by members in and around Harrogate
When: Tuesday morning 10-12am

About us:
We enjoy bible study, prayer and sometimes sing with piano or guitar. We are an encouraging and nurturing group with a strong sense of fellowship. Together we support the Grace Girls Home Siruguppa and pray for one of the St Mark’s cell groups.

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:
Dianne Ward
Call: 01423 884567
Email: diannepward@hotmail.com

oasis community group


Oasis community

Location: 13 Daleside Road

When: Tuesday Afternoon 2-4pm

About us: Once a month we focus on a short bible study, working our way through from Genesis using the suggested list. We share lunch together once a month. We enjoy tea and cake every week and pray for each other. We serve together at St Mark’s Meets every 3rd Monday.

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:

Sally Majoribanks/Sarah Giles

Call: 01423 566015
Email: sally.majoribanks@ntlworld.com

Contenders community at St Mark's Church


The Contenders community

Location: Moving between various houses in the Leeds Road area.

When: Mainly on Tuesday evenings between 7.30 and 9.30

About us: We meet to study, pray, support and chat in a non-judgemental context. We share life by having games evenings, pub trips, walks in summer and joining in with stuff at church. On the first Tuesday of every month we visit Wedderburn Lodge – flats for the over 55s – where we share Jesus’ love over games, chat tea and coffee.


To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:

Iain and Christine Hawkin

Call: 07891 405174
Call Christine: 07772 537394
Email: icjah@ntlworld.com

mens group


MC1 community

Location: In each others homes in Harrogate

When: Weekly at 8pm on Wednesday

About us: Our community reaches out to men of new or long-term faith, shallow or deep faith. We share learning and reflection, friendship and worship. If you’re man enough to go beyond banter, then in MC1 you’ll find a group of men honest enough to help you grow. And don’t let concerns about regular commitment be a barrier. It’s one of the many challenges that we all share and understand.


To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:
Mike Procter
Call: 07710 390 599
Email: mike@procter123.co.uk


G&T community

Location: Often meeting in each others homes within Harrogate and Burn Bridge. Other venues depending on where God leads us.
When:  Generally on a Thursday morning 9.30-11am

About us:
Meeting with GOD on THURSDAYS is our tonic in a busy week. We  fix our eyes on Jesus  through prayer, song and bible study. We like to share breakfast once a month and go for walks. We have a heart for declaring and demonstrating  God’s love  to our friends and family who do not yet know Jesus. We  hope to naturally build Jesus  filled relationships  by  including them in regular get  togethers of  GAMES and TEA, GIN and TONIC nights ….. anything  that can be abbreviated to G&T!

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:
Julia Perry
Call: 01423 810695
Email: julesperry@btinternet.com

cornerstone community


Cornerstone community

Location: In homes in Harrogate, Oakbeck, Pannal and Low Laithe and other venues as the spirit leads.

When: Alternate Thursday evenings 8.00 – 10.00pm

About us:

We seek no identity other than our identity in Christ; the cornerstone of our lives. We call ourselves cornerstone from the words of the song ‘In Christ Alone’. The lyrics say it all. It tells of the foundation of what we believe – Christ, the God who change all history and who wants a relationship with each of us. 

We are a group with scattered missions. We support each other in our respective mission fields and we seek where we can opportunities to work in collective mission together. We take as our bible verse Ephesians 2: 22

“Now he’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together.” (The Message)

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:

Mike Beer

Call: 01423 780897
Email: mikeandsally.beer@gmail.com

Stuart McVeigh
Email: stuartandanne@mcv16bg.plus.com


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