Give To Go Green

We’re raising funds for a first step on our Carbon Net Zero 2030 commitment

As good stewards of God’s creation we are seeking ways to look after the world.

Give To Go Green is a match-funding pilot project from the Church of England working with churches in the Dioceses of Leeds and Exeter to double locally raised donations, to allow for more work on reducing carbon emissions.

St Mark’s Give To Go Green project is a step along the way towards our objective of reaching carbon net zero by 2030. We are reviewing the heating system across the whole church as we look for ways to reduce our use of fossil fuels. One small part of this is the Rose Room where would like to move to an infrared heating system.

The total cost for this phase is an estimated £12,000. Give To Go Green will match fund whatever we are able to raise through donations for the project. We are hoping to raise £6,000.

If you would like to donate and help us on the journey you can do so through our Give A Little page.

Click here, select the donation amount and follow the instructions.

*Please note giving for match funding can only be done online and not through our normal giving process. If you would like to give to this campaign but need some help, please contact the office 01423 544528