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Harvest celebrations and gifts will be different this year. However, our Mission Support Group would like to continue supporting the organisations that usually benefit from our harvest giving. They all face major problems and still require our help.

This year due to Covid -19, the best way to support the charities is through financial giving. You can give online through each organisations website (we are not taking cash collections at church).

For those who feel harvest is not harvest without donating goods, we are organising a limited collection of goods at church. MSG members will be at church to receive donations on 4th October at the start of the 9am service and the 4pm children’s gathering. You can also drop donations off at the office Monday, 5th Oct 10am-12noon only. We have a very specific list of requests from homeless charities (see below). All donations brought to church will have to comply with COVID regulations and all goods will have to be quarantined before distribution. Goods cannot be taken into the Sanctuary.

Goods specifically requested: – Tinned meat, Fray Bentos pies, Pot noodles, Microwave non-perishable meals, Rice, Juice, UHT milk, Crisps, Biscuits and Chocolates. Cleaning cloths (j-cloths), anti-bacterial wipes and facemasks.