Our vision expresses our central purpose as: “Inspiring each other to love and follow Jesus Christ, everywhere in everything.”

So our desire is that, “Each member of the church community is set on fire through an authentic relationship with God through Christ. We are growing to love Him more as we come to know how much He deeply loves and forgives us.” But how does this happen? Click below to find out more…

  1. Teaching on Sundays

    A big priority for us at St Mark’s is to provide week by week teaching which provides wisdom and insight for living the Christian life and inspires us to connect with God. We focus on the Bible, and try to engage with real-life, day to day issues. Every week we provide follow-up notes, which summarize the teaching and give further ways of applying it.  You can use these on your own, or, if possible, grow by…

  2. Belonging to a Homegroup

    There are many midweek groups at St Mark’s – on different days, daytime and evening, but with the same aim: that everyone is awake to their relationship with God, growing in love for him…homegroups are the best place to nurture that relationship… the place where our learning and questions can be grounded during the week. We encourage you, if you can, to belong to one.

  3. Why?

    Our vision is that relationships matter most. We need each other. Homegroups are the best place to grow in meaningful, supportive, accountable relationships. And in a big church, they are the quickest way to get involved.

    Our vision is that we are being equipped to share our faith and see God’s kingdom in our daily lives. We were never meant to do this on our own. In homegroups we share in this together, working out what it means to follow Jesus, seven days a week.  It is copying the life of the New Testament church.

    Everyone needs to grow. Everyone has gifts to share. Everyone goes through hard times.  Homegroups express what it means to be church – a committed group of people praying with each other, learning together, reaching out together, inspiring each other to love and follow Jesus Christ everywhere, in everything.

    Do you want to understand the Bible better?  Grow in praying meaningfully? Feel like part of the family? Deepen your worship?  Support, and be supported? Groups are for you.

  4. How?

    There are three ways you can explore finding the right homegroup for you:

    Ask the vicar Guy to recommend a particular group. You can then try it out.

    Ask the leader of a particular group if you can come along – details are on the board in the church or here. Again, you can try the group out for a while.

    Or… if you feel you have the gifts, skills and passion to lead a group, please come and talk to Guy about it.  Perhaps you have an idea for a new group, perhaps the sense that there is a group gathering around you…God may be prompting you. Homegroups are resourced with regular notes after Sundays, but also need passionate, committed leaders. Could that be you?

    Contact Guy  call 01423 504160 if you want to find out more.

  1. Monday


    Innisfree Homegroup Monday 8:00pm. Led by Shirley Jones and Ann McVeigh.

    Please get in touch via email shirleyj824@gmail.com 

    Our vision is to grow in faith, fellowship and friendship, and to become closer to God.

    We enjoy:

    Drawing closer to God through prayer, Bible study and fellowship.

    Growing in faith and bearing witness to our families and friends.

    Strengthening and supporting each other.

    Socialising together.

    Alderson Road Homegroup Mondays 8:00pm. Led by Dave & Ann Worthington

    Please get in touch via email david.worthington001@ntlworld.com

    Our vision is to encourage, inspire and support each other on our Christian journey together.

    We gather as a group each week to worship, play and study the Bible with accompanying sermon notes. We often go out for meals with each other and other family members, have BBQ’s, seasonal parties and mainly get to know each other informally.

    Gail/Frances Homegroup Alternate Mondays 10am at St Mark’s. Led by Gail Vlack and Frances Bryant.

    Please get in touch via the office.

    Our vision is mothers learning to follow Jesus, explore the Bible and fellowship together.

    Our group started as a post Alpha group and we have been meeting together since January 2012. Young children are welcome. This is a safe welcoming group for those starting out on their Christian walk. We support each other with Bible study, prayer, fellowship and fun social activities.


    Tewit Well Group Monday 8pm. Led by David Wise.

    Please get in touch at 01423 564698

    We are a smallish group, who enjoy grappling with lots of discussion, sharing meals and sharing life.  We would love you to join us!

  2. Tuesday

    Wheatlands Road East Homegroup. Led by Dianne Ward.

    Tuesdays 10.00am – 12.00 pm

    Please get in contact via the Home Group Co-ordinator.

    Oasis Group, Daleside Road 2-4pm. Led by Sally Marjoribanks and Sarah Giles. All ladies group.

    Please contact via the office

    Our vision is to prayerfully support and encourage each other.

    We offer a safe space where members discuss and share together in confidence, centred on God’s Word

  3. Wednesday

    St Leonard’s Road Homegroup. Wednesday 7.45pm – 9.15pm. Led by Andrew & Mo Clarke, and John & Sue Alcock
  4. Thursday

    Daytime Bible Study Group. 10am-12pm

    Our aim is to help each other to grow in our love and knowledge of God, through in-depth, systematic study of the Bible and discussion about the practical application of that teaching. We share in the privilege of praying for each other and for the mission of St Mark’s. We offer one another friendship and support.

    For further information, please contact: Ruth Cundy 01423 569135

    Understanding God’s story and how to be part of it. January – June 2016 Thursday 9.30-10.30am. Led by Julia Perry in Harrogate

    A new year challenge to study the bible more, using a tool initially devised for 5pm children’s groups (see the copy on the 5pm noticeboard or click here).  We will study 18 key bible story areas, reflect on the main messages and think about what they mean for us.  We will be learning together, questioning together, listening to God together and keeping each other accountable to read our bibles. There will of course be time for cake and chat too. If you would like to join us, contact julesperry@btinternet.com or the church office.

    Langcliffe Avenue Group. Thursday 8:00pm. Led by Michelle Lepine and Alison Glover

    Please get in touch via the office.

    Our vision is….we are a friendly group of people from all walks of life seeking to find out more about how to live out our faith in Jesus.

    McVeigh  & Wilcox Homegroup. Thursday 8:00pm. Led by Lis Wilcox and Stuart McVeigh

    Please get in touch via emailmcveigh.stuartandanne@ntlworld.com

    Our vision is to follow Jesus in a fun, friendly fellowship group.

    We enjoy growing in faith together through prayer, bible study, hospitality/social engagement and acts of service.

  5. Friday

    Fridays 10am. Led by Di Queripel in various locations

    Please get in touch with Di on 07970310146
    Our vision is to support and encourage each other in day to day life and to get to know Jesus better.
    This group has grown in numbers and faith over the past 2 years. Each one of the members has or is going through difficulties, coping with terminal illness and life changing stresses which have made us fragile and so appreciative of joining together to share, pray and learn. What a blessing each week is! God ministers in wonderful ways and we have all grown along the way. Men and women. Young and old – that’s the Friday group.

    Haven Group. Friday 2:00pm (3rd Fri at a different venue). Led by Ann Worthington.

    Please get in touch via the office.

    Our vision is to be a haven where confidence and fellowship is nutured.

    We meet informally and chat over afternoon tea and where in a relaxed atmosphere those who come would experience a peaceful and reflective time.


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