praying_together_st MarksOur Next Prayer Gathering:

Tuesday 17th November 2020, 7.30pm
Join us to pray together on Tuesday 17th November as a church family, 7.30-8.30pm.  We will give thanks for God’s faithfulness through the interregnum, and spend time praying for God’s blessing on our children and young people.
Email for the Zoom link.

Our vision – to be Jesus’ family of servants on mission

Finding the right leader – Following Guy’s departure, we need to find a new vicar to lead St Mark’s.  It is the responsibility of the PCC to produce a parish profile – a document describing the St Mark’s vision, the kind of person we are looking for to enable us to pursue that vision and information to help applicants understand more about our church.

Listening to God – at the heart of this process is listening to God and we are urging everyone in our St Mark’s family to pray into this process over the coming weeks and seek to hear what God might be saying to us.  What kind of leader does God want us to search for?

Who, where, what? – you can pray on your own, in pairs, triplets, small groups or communities.  Take the initiative and ask others to join you in prayer. Why not try all the options?  And pray wherever is convenient – at home, at church, walking the dog, on your sun lounger …. Whoever you’re with and wherever you are – choose an aspect of the life of St Mark’s, read about it on the website and pray into it, asking God to speak to you about our new vicar through that area of church life.

Our virtual prayer wall

Click on the hand icon below to see our virtual prayer wall, zoom out to see the full board, or drag your cursor around to explore!

We are collecting prayers from our family to add to the wall. If you would like to send us a prayer to be included email   This is for children, young people, adults – just one or two sentences is enough.



Gathering in prayer

Download the prayer resource here to guide your own prayers

There will be two opportunities to pray together, firstly online, and then in church, so look out for details of our special prayer gatherings on September 22nd and October 21st.  However, as it’s just not possible to gather all our church family together, could you help to build a church family wall of prayer?  Can you write a short prayer, which we could all share in praying together?  One prayer each week will appear in our weekly email, to help us all to pray about the recruitment process.  And the prayers we don’t have space to publish in the emails we will use at our prayer gatherings.

Anyone can pray – any age, and at any stage of faith.  We don’t need to use special words, just a heart to see God’s rule and reign extended at St Mark’s and in Harrogate.  What will you ask God for?   Perhaps you might want to ask God for wisdom for the interview panel, or for God to guide those applying.  Perhaps you have something to say about how God’s values and priorities might be expressed by our new vicar.  It’s not a competition – the shorter the prayer the better!

However you pray or I pray – we’re all different, let’s be united in asking God that the new incumbent / vicar will be ready to help lead St Mark’s in being Jesus’ family of servants on mission.

How might God speak to me during this time and what might I have to share?  We believe that the Holy Spirit works in and through each of us and that this can be through words, pictures, scripture, visions.  However you feel God is communicating with you about the new vicar please share it with us.