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Our course for Lent

During Lent, the Zero Carbon Harrogate community will be running a Lent course using the book which the Archbishop of Canterbury has commissioned “Saying Yes to Life”. This book was written by Dr Ruth Valerio and takes us through the six days of creation, helping us to rediscover our awesome creator God. It will give us the opportunity to reflect on how we can respond to our call to bless all of creation.

As a leading atmospheric scientist, Katherine Hayhoe said: “For Christians, doing something about climate change is about living out our faith- caring for those who need help, our neighbours here at home or on the other side of the world, and taking responsibility for this planet that God created and entrusted to us. My faith tells me that God does want people to understand climate change and do something about it. And that is a very freeing thought: I don’t have to change the world all by myself, I just need to partner in the work God wants us to do.”

We will be running the course in the Community Room at St Mark’s on a Monday evening from 2 March to 6 Apr looking at one chapter each week. Refreshments will be available from 7.15, and we will be starting at 7.30 for a 9pm finish. We hope that your homegroup/ community will either join us on a Monday evening or run the course yourself.  Everyone doing the course should read the chapter in advance of each week’s session. If doing the course within your own community, someone should provide a 5-10 min summary of the chapter at the start of your meeting and then you will discuss the questions at the end of the chapter. If you would like to join us on Monday evenings, please click here to sign up and/or to order the book through church, which is available at discounted price of £8.40.

This is an opportunity to learn, discuss and respond to a central issue of our time. We hope that you will join the ZCH community on a Monday evening or in your own small groups in using the fantastic resources available with Say Yes to Life.

Services in Lent and Easter

Ash Wednesday 26th February
11am: A morning service with ashing.

12 noon: A special Ash Wednesday lunch served in the Community Room after the service. All welcome.
7.30pm: An evening service with ashing.

Sunday 29th March
6pm: Youth passover meal

Friday 3rd April
5.30pm: Easter Encounter. A special evening with fun, games and food aimed at primary-aged children with the whole family joining in. Sign up required click here for more

Palm Sunday 5th April
Services as normal: 8am, 9.15am, 10.30am (all age service – no children’s groups) & 6pm

Passover Suppers hosted within community groups

Good Friday 10th April
10am: All age service
12-3pm: Three hours at the Cross

Saturday 11th April
The BIG Easter Sleepover – our youth will be exploring the meaning of Easter together, heading to sleep (maybe?!) and then set off very early before sunrise to Almscliffe Crag followed by breakfast.

Easter Sunday 12th April
Sunrise service at Almscliffe Cragg

Services as normal: 8am, 9.15am 10.30 am (all age service),
6.30pm: Messiah