Our Mission Partners 2017

A heart on fire for God is one which supports and loves those who are on the fringe, struggling, and in need of grace.

It is really important to us to support local and international groups which are seeking to bring in God’s kingdom of love and healing. Read more about our mission partners for 2017 below. We commend them to you.

St Mark’s gives 10% of its income (from members’ tithe and other giving) to support Christian mission at home and abroad. It is the role of the Mission Support Group to allocate this money responsibly. 

Approximately 80% of the mission budget is allocated on a long term basis to our mission partners at home and abroad. This enables them to plan for the future. 20% goes either to emergency requests, i.e. natural disasters, or as a small donation to Christian organisations suggested by the congregation.

For more information or to get involved contact

Michelle Hayes

Michelle Hayes

St Mark’s Church, Leeds Road, Harrogate, HG2 8AY
Email: michellevhayes@gmail.com
Tel: 01423 544528 


Craft Aid International
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    Susie is a CMS associate and formerly a mission partner who set up Neema Crafts in Tanzania. She is now back in Harrogate and giving people with disabilities in the UK an opportunity to learn a craft-based skill, and use that to serve disabled people living in poverty in the developing world through social enterprise. For more information please see the Global Support page.


    Advocate Susie Hart

Caring For Life

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    Caring For Life

    Caring For Life is a registered Christian charity (registration no. 519138) with the aim of sharing the love of Jesus with homeless or vulnerable people by providing accommodation, ongoing support, love and friendship, and when necessary, providing that care ‘for life’! Such care enables people to develop dignity and self-respect. Our motto is simple, “Sharing the Love of Jesus.”

    Situated on a working farm near Leeds,

    Situated on a working farm near Leeds, one member of our congregation is a paid employee and several others volunteer.


    Advocate:  Pam Young

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    Harrogate Homeless Project

    Since 1991 HHP, and more recently the day centre Springboard, have been treating homeless individuals with dignity, impartiality and respect, meeting the basic physical needs of warmth, shelter and food.


    Advocate: Richard Majoribanks

Latin Link
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    Latin Link

    Our link partners, Paul and Ruth Turner, provide support
    and resources for the growth of the local church in Peru.

    Contact: Helen Howell

Wellspring Therapy and Training

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    Wellspring Therapy and Training

    Is a Christian centre, offering a professional confidential counselling service working with adults and young people.


    Advocate: Olivia Lambert

Lifeline Harrogate LTD
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    Lifeline (Harrogate) Ltd

    Working with Green Pastures organisation to provide “Move-on” accommodation after people have accessed the Harrogate Homeless hostel, and to continue supporting them.


    Advocate:  Richard Majoribanks

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    Open Doors

    Existing to strengthen the church in the most hostile places. In over 50 countries, Open Doors is supplying Bibles, training church leaders, delivering Bible-based literacy programmes and supporting Christians who suffer for their faith.

    Contact: Sue Kidd

Mission Without Borders

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    Mission Without Borders

    Serving the spiritual, educational, emotional and material needs of those suffering poverty or oppression in Eastern Europe

    Contact: Chris Davies

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    In2Out is a Christian charity working with young people, 15-21, with convictions. Being Jesus for those with multiple problems, In2Out trains mentors to be able to demonstrate compassionate Christian care to those whose lives and families are totally chaotic.

    Working alongside Young Offender Institutions in the north of England we take referrals from chaplaincy, caseworkers, and the resettlement team, for those wanting to ‘change their lifestyle’ on release.

    In2Out provides each person with a personal mentor, helps with employment and training, and looks at engagement with a new community of friends. Working alongside statutory agencies we aim to support each person to avoid re-offending.


    Advocate: Terry Wilcox

The Harrogate Hub
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    Harrogate Hub

    The Harrogate Hub – A place of welcome for all

    The Harrogate Hub is a space for community, safety and belonging. It is also a network of people who want to support those who are finding life difficult. The Hub exists because no-one in Harrogate should be lonely, isolated or unsupported.


We have previously supported:


Springboard,  Young people in mission, Harrogate & District Foodbank, St George’s Crypt, At Home:Farm Community Network, Hope Debt Advice, Hope 2014, Gideons’ International, CMS for Anna Hembury, Harrogate Women’s Project/In2Out, Yorkshire Camps, Scripture Union.


5 olive trees in Palestine, Bellary Support Group, The Bible Society, Mothers’ Union Wheels Appeal, St Mathew’s Breakfast Club, Shevet Achim, Latin Link/Rainbow Trust, Roll the Rock/Rwanda Child, Climate Stewards and the Christian Ecology Link (CEL) Rainforest Fund. 

Our congregation also support well over 100 children living in extreme poverty via sponsorship through the Compassion programme- you can read more about this here.

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