Are you new to St Mark's?


We are a family. We come in all shapes and sizes. We welcome you wherever you’re from, whoever you are.

Our foundations are not in the bricks and mortar of our beautiful building but are rooted in God. We are one body who inspire each other to love and follow Jesus Christ, everywhere in everything.

We love God, we really do. Through our unashamed passion for Him, our church is a wonderful community of individual, perfectly made people. It’s a thriving reflection of Jesus’ love.

Whether you are a questioner, a seeker, a doubter, a lover of Jesus Christ, or a struggler – come. If you are young, old or somewhere in between – come. If you know nothing or everything of Jesus – come. St Mark’s welcomes you to come as you are.

Our church is big and our love is great. We know that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming and maybe even intimidating. Especially on a Sunday, met with a sea of faces, it can be difficult to strike up a conversation with someone new. Sometimes we feel the same! We have some great things to help you feel at home as quickly as possible:

  1. Service Welcomers

    At each service we have a team of friendly welcomers, found close to the entrance. Let them know you are a newcomer. They are a great source of knowledge and will introduce you to the church, point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have.

  2. Home Visit

    Our super friendly team of home welcomers can arrange a time to meet you outside of church. This means you can ask any questions, learn more about St Mark’s and most of all, get to know some great people.

  3. Tea with the Vicar

    Meeting the vicar can feel awkward. Guy, our vicar, is an ordinary man who happens to be a vicar (quite a funny one in fact), with a fabulous wife, four great children and a super cute dog.  He would love to meet you. Every month Guy hosts a welcome tea. This gives you chance to get to know each other and meet some more of the team - all over tea and cakes. It’s very informal and a great way to feel part of the family.

What's next?

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Services at St Mark’s
We meet, we sing, we pray, we reflect, we learn, we listen, we share, we talk, we have great fun. Like any family, our members are all individual and prefer different styles of services. With five Sunday services and one mid week, we hope that you can find one, or two or maybe even more that suit you.

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Children & youth at St Mark’s
We are blessed to have so many children and young people at St Mark’s. We have a dedicated Children and Families Minister – Dan Watts, a Youth Pastor – Natalie Jones and a truly awesome team of co-ordinators, leaders and helpers. Not only do they teach, create, talk, listen and disciple our younger members of the family, but they put on the most inspiring events, go to festivals, climb mountains, fund-raise and attend gigs. Children’s groups run on Sunday during the service and there are mid-week meetings for our youth (groups are term time only).

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Prayer at St Mark’s
Prayer changes everything. Within our church alone, we have seen so many prayers answered and so much thanks given.
We believe prayer is a vital part of our daily life.
We strongly encourage you to try it.

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Care at St Mark’s

We have a wonderful and thoughtful pastoral care team who seek restoration for the whole person through Christ. They aim to ensure no one is uncared for.

Pastoral care comes in many different ways and often depends on the individual circumstance. It can involve listening, comforting,
encouraging, providing hospitality, befriending, visiting, celebrating, providing practical help and praying.

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