Join us over summer at 8am, 9.15 and 10.30am. There are no children’s groups over summer or 6pm service

Summer Teaching Series

Jesus is Lord

21st July (All Age) 

Holiday Club Launch

28th July (All Age)

Jesus is God
We follow one Lord and worship one God, idolatry. 
(John 16:12-15)

4th August  (All Age)

Over the whole of life

We are followers, not just believers, in our whole lives, no sacred/secular divide, becoming more like Jesus. What is God saying, what am I going to do about it?
(Luke 18: 18-23)

11th August (All Age)

Over relationships

Allegiance to Jesus makes a new community, we are all one in Christ, therefore we need to be living in community and those communities need to be open and welcoming to all.
(John 8:1-11) 

18th August  (All Age)

Over death and sickness
(John 11: 38-44)

25th August (All Age)

Over creation
(Mark 4: 35-41)