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Brighton, has the UK’s biggest and longest-running community seed swap event. We at St Mark’s want to get involved in this scheme. You can exchange leftover seeds for new ones, swap ideas with community members, and warm up the winter with some garden planning. Not only are you getting plants and seeds for free but you will also be helping with plant biodiversity.


Let’s make it a whole community scheme not just for the members of the church. Tell your friends and neighbours about it and bring them along.

  • Swapped seeds and plants are FREE
  • They are likely to be well-suited to your local growing conditions
  • They often come with first-hand advice on how to grow them
  • Seed swapping helps protect plant biodiversity
  • Community Seed Swaps are great places for meeting local people with a shared interest in growing food and protecting the environment
  • Seed Swaps can become exchanges for all sorts of useful local knowledge, as well as seeds.

Start saving your seeds and cuttings for the big seed swap each Spring. Details of how to do it are here.


For more details speak to Kerry Morrison DIGITAL CAMERA




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