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Welcome to the youth section of the St. Mark’s website, we’re really glad you’ve found us!

We’re here to show you the things we get up to and why we’re passionate about doing them.


Did you know that it is highly likely that Jesus’ disciples were all under 18? That means that the Son of God chose people just like YOU.

So, we think young people are really really important and that’s why we’ve got a whole programme designed to help you discover more about Jesus and to know how much you’re loved by him.

Take a look around and find out what’s going on. There’s so much to get involved in – we promise you won’t be bored!

Hope to see you soon:-)

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Our vision is to be a community who are all inspiring each other to love and follow Jesus. Everywhere in everything.

We believe that we are all called to be disciples – that means loving God and doing what Jesus did.

We try to make this a bit easier to understand so have broken it up into 3 areas:


We believe that God is good and so deserves to be worshipped and praised for the good things he has given us. As followers of Jesus, we aim to do this through our whole lives, but we love coming together on Sunday’s and throughout the week in our groups to worship God.


We can only be true disciples of Jesus if we’re being discipled. That means learning how to be like him from people who know lots of great stuff about Jesus. We also aim to practice discipleship in our groups throughout the week and learn from one another along the way.


We want to help every young person go into their communities – be it their homes, schools, jobs, clubs – wherever they find themselves – and tell people about the Good News of Jesus. We call this ‘bringing about God’s kingdom’ which basically means making this world into the sort of place that God intended it to be.

As well as the little every day missional opportunities we have, we aim to engage in doing mission throughout the year through different events that happen in and around Harrogate.

Here’s some more info about our groups that meet throughout the week – both at St. Mark’s and all around Harrogate.


We take loads of youth away every July for the BEST festival EVER!  Come and get blown away by God and have lots of FUN…

Click here for video intros…



Sunday 10.30am for Years 7, 8 & 9

Meet at St Mark’s and finish at Café Culture.


Sunday 5pm for Years 7, 8 & 9

St. Mark’s Loft Room


Tuesdays 8-9pm in the North Room for Year 7 and 8.


Check out our video here…!

If you’re in year 9 and above, we have groups that we call ‘cells’. We are quite a big church and so it can be hard to connect and get to know one another really well, so one night each week small groups of young people get together to talk about those big life questions, eat and pray together.

Pictures of your leaders are below! 


Twice a month this service actively encourages young people to be involved in every way. From being in the kitchen to the music worship band, speaking or sound – you name it – you can be a part of it.
We want to make sure your voice is heard!
Thank you!!!Click HERE to take part.


As well as all this regular stuff, we love having big celebrations and spending time with one another. WATCH THIS SPACE…

We’re fortunate to have an amazing Youth Team who make our youth work possible every day. We are all different ages, backgrounds and cultures (and maybe look a bit weird too!) but we all have the same vision – we want to welcome you and help you learn more about Jesus.


Here’s some our lovely faces

Dan – Associate Vicar of Children’s and Youth

Natalie – Youth Pastor

Jack – Youth Intern

Cell Group Leaders –

Rock Solid Leaders –

LOL Leaders –







Natalie is our youth pastor!  She has only been in Harrogate for a little while, but she is loving it and all the fab youth here…she’d love you to say “Hello” and if you want to get involved let her know….

Jack is an intern at St Mark’s and does all kinds of “youthy” things.  He helps organise our Sunday evening services on the 1st and 3rd of the month led by younger people…

Year 11 cell group

When -Monday nights 7.45-9pm.

Location – Usually held at Rachel and Ben Aston’s house although alternative location until Christmas due to new baby arrival!

Leaders – Rachel and Ben Aston

Aim- we meet regularly to discuss, challenge us, and pray about big and small issues that affect our lives and faith. We play silly games, have fun together and food is usually involved!


Mondays 7.45pm-9pm

Rob & Laura Brett

59 Almsford Drive, Harrogate

Contact: 07796 447157

LIVE WELL – Doing this life together; seeing how Jesus lived; asking Him how we should live our lives now.

LAUGH OFTEN – Chill Out; Get Cosy; Food & Refreshments; Fun & Games.

LOVE MUCH – Building Relationships; Listening to one another; Supporting one another; Accepting one another. Loving one another.

I am a recently retired maths teacher who also worked with ethnic minority pupils. I have been a Christian for 50 years but it certainly doesn`t feel like it! I am into supporting Middlesbrough Football Club and telling and hearing corny jokes! One Way is the only way!

Read something that you’d like to know more about?

We would LOVE to hear from you. You can contact us through any of the ways below.

Email: Natalie at

Facebook: Natalie Jones (St Mark’s Youth Pastor)

Phone/Text: Natalie 07710808832

Drop in: To any of the groups or throughout the day at St. Mark’s.

No query or question is too strange or embarrassing. We promise you can ask us anything!


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