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  1. One Way & Nexus

    On Sundays our young people in Years 7,8 and 9 meet together at either of these services for various activities, from Games on the Stray to engaging bible teaching and of course always involving food.

  2. Cell groups


    Mid week gatherings for our young people in Years 9-13. Cells are a really important place for our young people to get together, talk about those big life questions, eat and pray about everything and anything.

  3. Ignight

    A youth-led gathering where every age person is invited. We aim to discuss relevant issues facing our culture and ask what God is saying to us. Young people are actively encouraged to be involved in every way. From being on the Café Team to the music band, speaking or sound. If you’ve got a passion for something we’d love to see it used here.

  4. Big Events

    There’s a whole programme of events going on in our Youth Ministry throughout the academic year. Take a look at the website for our calendar for the latest info, but the yearly things we do include:

    Youth Welcome Back BBQ

    Autumn Residentials

    Carols by Glowlight

    Youth Events Week


    Soul Survivor

    Confirmation/ Baptism


Our fantastic youth pastor – Natalie Jones oversees anything to do with youth at St Mark’s.  If you have any queries she would be delighted to hear from you. Click here to email Natalie or call 07710 808 832.


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