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Our vision, as always, is to be Jesus’ Family of Servants on Mission. In this current time, the ideal way of meeting is not possible and so we are aiming to meet online and engage with as many of our young people as possible. We want to create spaces where we can talk about life, serve our wider family, pray together, reflect on relevant topics and have fun along the way.

‘We are here for you and so is God’

St Marks Harrogate Youth online


We have a Whatsapp group for our young poeple and leaders to communicate with one another. Want to join – click below to email Natalie

Youth Mag

Summer Fun!

We have posted out this Summer booklet to all the young people we have contact with. It’s filled with ways to keep active, space to reflect and write things that they are thankful for, ideas of inspiring Christian biographies to read and lots of other ways to help connect with God and one another this summer. We hope it’s really encouraging!
Want to join – click below to email Natalie

More options to stay connected and resources


Swap Resource

We believe discipleship is still absolutely possible in this ‘new world’. We use a great resource called Swap. A leader and a young person meet on zoom and go through this resource together. Interested? Click here to email Natalie.

Phone Call Support Team

Would you like to join our phone call support team and call someone who is living alone and isolated at this time?

 This is a powerful way to join together as family and support one another at this time.

 Clear instruction, guidance and conversation starters have been given.

 Click here to contact Natalie.

Daily Devotions from the ‘Youth Bible in One Year’

This is a great way to spend time with God and grow in your relationship with him. It is a daily bible plans that lasts for about 10 minutes. It can help you focus on God and what’s most important for the day ahead. They post follow up on Instagram too – click here to follow them.

 Click here to subscribe to the podcast via Spotify or iTunes.

Stay Healthy!

Our leaders have come up with some other ways to stay healthy

  • Play table tennis on the dining room table
  • Create a crazy golf course
  • Build a fort
  • Learn to draw via a youtube tution
  • Eat an apple every day

This church recognises and values children and young people (anyone under the age of 18) as equal partners in the life and ministry of the church, and desires to encourage them to explore, discover and grow as disciples. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) takes seriously its obligations and responsibilities to protect and safeguard the welfare of any child or young person (i.e. under the age of 18 years) entrusted to the church’s care.

Therefore we have a clear safeguarding policy which can be viewed here

To ensure your children are safe in our care we ask for all youth attending groups to be registered with the church. Registraton is a simple process made online. Please contact the church office or the group leader to register now.

St Mark’s Youth and Children’s Ministries feel that this is a vitally important work if the church is to become a place where all are welcome, all belong and all can experience the love of God – and contribute together to be the body of Christ.

If there is any way that we can support your child further in their relationship with God, please do be in contact with Natalie.

Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

Youth Pastor

Natalie Jones is our Youth Pastor and her role focuses on working with and alongside young people (aged 11-18) in Harrogate.

Youth Community Team

Alongside Natalie, our youth ministry team is made by an amazing community of people. Our mission is to serve young people. We call ourselves ‘seventytwo’ after the disciples that Jesus sent out. If you have a heart for serving young people, we would love for you to join us. Come and find Natalie to have a chat anytime or visit to message Natalie direct.