A update from the churchwardens

A update from the churchwardens

Dear St. Mark’s congregation,

We thought we should share with you what will be happening with regard to church governance over the next weeks or months.

Firstly, we have been advised by the Archbishop that, as APCMs cannot at present take place, PCCs and churchwardens will remain in place, as they are, until we are able to hold an APCM – current Diocesan guidance is that one must be held by the end of October.

The Diocese has also issued guidance that PCC meetings should be suspended under current conditions and PCC members have approved this decision by email. Standing Committee will therefore now meet at least monthly to take the decisions which would normally be taken by the PCC. Minutes of these Standing Committee meetings will be circulated to all PCC members, so that they are kept abreast of what is going on. In addition, the Parish Continuity Plan is being updated weekly and this will also be circulated to PCC, alongside the minutes.

Finally, as you may already know, the application process for filling our vacancy has been put on hold by the Diocese. Obviously, we do not yet know when that process will start up again.

In these extraordinary times, please hold Standing Committee, PCC, and all the church leadership team up in prayer.

Best wishes,

Charlotte and Alison