In our worship services we value intimate worship, two-way prayer and the authority of the Bible.

No matter what style of music or liturgy we use we want to create spaces where we can connect with God our heavenly father and become more aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit filling us. We want to pray and intercede for the world, the church and ourselves, and we also want to make space to listen to what God is saying to us. We want to engage with teaching that helps us to apply the authority of the Bible to our lives so that we can be transformed to live more like Jesus.

Sunday 9.00am

The 9am is a traditional, liturgical service lasting around 50 minutes. Music includes classic and modern hymns led by our wonderful robed choir. Holy Communion is celebrated every week.

Sunday 10.30am

The 10.30am is a fun, informal service lasting around 1 hour. Music includes classic and contemporary songs led by our fantastic bands. Children’s groups meet every week during term time.

Thursday 11am

The 11am is a friendly, liturgical service lasting around 45 minutes. Music includes classic hymns led by our organists. Holy Communion is celebrated every week.