Baptism Explained

About Infant Baptism

What is the difference between Baptism and Christening? 

There is no difference. Both refer to the same service.

What about Godparents? 

It is usual to have between two and four Godparents who must be baptised and ideally, confirmed. Godparents should be mature enough to understand their special role of encouraging your child’s spiritual life.

I am a single parent. Can I have my baby baptised? 

Definitely!  You will be given a friendly welcome at St Mark’s. God welcomes each child and every person who comes to him.

How much does Baptism cost? 

Nothing – there is no charge for Baptism. Some families like to leave an offertory or thanksgiving and a plate is left out for this purpose. This is a purely voluntary gift.

What if I can’t, in all conscience, make the promises and declarations of faith in the baptism service? 

No one should feel pressured into saying things they don’t mean.  If you are not comfortable with the promises of baptism you may prefer the Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing.  In it you can give thanks to God for the gift of your child, without making an ongoing commitment.  If one of your godparents does not feel able to make the promises, they can act as a ‘sponsor’ – standing with you at the baptism, but not under obligation to make any public statement of faith.

Your Baptism at St Mark’s

When and where will the Baptism take place? 

The Baptism service will usually take place at 1pm on the fourth Sunday of the month; the service may include other families who are also having their children baptised. The Welcome service will usually take place at 10.30am on the third Sunday of the the following month; the welcome service is an opportunity to introduce you and your child to their new church family.

Will I be prepared for the Baptism? 

Yes! We imagine you will have questions about baptism, the service and godparents, so our baptism team are here to welcome, support, love and pray for you and your child. They will visit you before and after the baptism and a member of the clergy will also meet with you before the service.

What happens after the Baptism?

After your Baptism service and Welcome service we would love to invite you to get involved with activities at St Mark’s; we have lots going on for toddlers, children, families and adults!

We will invite you to our annual baptism picnic in the summer with all the families who have attended baptisms in the previous 12 months.

We will also pass your details on to our Welcome Team who will invite you to afternoon tea so you can get to know some more of the staff team, volunteers, and other newcomers at St Mark’s.