Easter Family Resource

Special Holy Week Family Resource

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, each day, we will be releasing a wonderful family video resource right here on this page. You can enjoy craft activity, story and prayer. On Good Friday and Easter Sunday we will be streaming live on YouTube. Download a list of what you may need and the prayers below.

Action Songs!

We know you love action songs just as much as we do! Here are some of our favourites, get practising because they may feature in a Sunday 10am service soon!

My Lighthouse

Jesus you’re my superhero

Every move I make

All through history

For God so loved the World (John 3:16)

Make and Do!

Make an Easter Garden

Easter story videos and activities

Make Hot Cross Buns

Quiz Time!

A quiz for the whole family (answers are underlined) Don’t give the multiple choice answers for those who think they know it all!

Bible readings & resources

We recommend The Miracle Maker – an animated film made in 2000. It’s accurate and suitable for all ages. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0208298/

There are various ‘free’ clips on YouTube but it’s inexpensive to rent and well worth it if you’ve not seen it!

This year, as a whole church, we are reading the Easter Story from John’s gospel. The Easter story starts in chapter 12 with the Palm Sunday story and Chapters 13-17 follow Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper. Chapter 18 starts with the Garden of Gethsemane and ends in chapter 21 when Jesus forgives Peter.

You may have a Youth Bible or a Children’s Bible at home too – read these different versions and talk about what you notice is similar and different.

This animated version is suitable for younger children

Prayer Ideas and Activites

Covid Prayerspaces
Here is a specific resource to help us pray for those affected by the virus

Easter Prayerspaces
Check out these resources to help us reflect and focus on the Easter story

Paint a stone with a rainbow or other symbols of love, hope joy etc. Add you favourite Bible verse too. You could leave this outside your house for others to see or even leave it as a gift of encouragement in someone else’s garden or in a public space like a park or footpath. Send us a photo of your stone, or anyone else’s that you find!

Light a Candle
Light a candle in a window each evening at 7pm as a symbol of hope and fellowship.

Download the prayers below that can be read aloud as a family or as individuals with a specific focus on the virus.

Fun family prayer time
Breaking Bread

When we can’t get to church, here’s a suggestion for a short, fun time with God around your table at home. You can adapt it to use on your own by leaving out the Kim’s Game and just having a piece of bread as a focus point during the reading.