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Christians are “Full Time Christian Workers” – not just vicars or missionaries. God cares just as much about what you do from Monday to Saturday, as He does about Sunday. Your job, or voluntary work, or weekday relationships can all be part of His healing, restoring life on earth (called in the Bible “the Kingdom of God”)

For the Christian who knows this, everything can be sacred. There are no splits in a life where Jesus is Lord. We are trying to equip people at St Mark’s to be full-time in their kingdom work.

You might like to ask, for example:
How does my work glorify God?
How do the ways in which my work operates reflect the values of His life?
How do my relationships reflect God’s love at work?
How would Jesus do my job?

But, in addition, there are ways in which we live out our calling together as a church community. It is good for every member of the body of Christ to be serving in some way.

Below are some of the things you may want to get involved in:



St Mark’s has a dedicated Environment group, established in 2002 following a Lent course on Creation Care. Our aims are :...


Our local mission partners

Our international mission partners

Serve within Church

Welcome and serve on Sundays / Help in worship gatherings – music, media, reading, drama, leading prayers / Nurture children and young people / Practical tasks / General catering for those in need / Pastoral care / Prayer teams

Everyone has gifts to share – we hope you can let God offer yours at St Mark’s.