If you are part of the family at St Mark’s, we encourage you to join in by giving financially to the church.This is part of discipleship. 

You can look at our current budget and read some principles of a Christian understanding of money here.

What is the money used for?

Mainly, it is used for the mission of the church.

This includes:
  • Paying for our staff – leaders, administration, building care.
  • Sharing in the work of our Diocese (area) of Ripon and Leeds.  Some of our giving is shared with churches operating in other areas to support the mission there. A small part of our giving supports workers and leaders in our Diocese.
  • Supporting local and global mission. We tithe (give 10%) of given income,
    by supporting kingdom work locally and globally. We are privileged to be able to resource projects and organisations which are sharing the Good news of Jesus, alleviating poverty, campaigning for the oppressed, and seeking healing for broken lives. Our Mission Support Group is responsible for overseeing this work. If you have a passion for it, contact Jose Rhodes.
Looking after the church building – a great resource for worship and ministry:
How much and how do I give?

Recently, it has been becoming clear that in order to grow the mission of St Mark’s, we need to aim for a consistent expectation of giving. We are facing a financially challenging period. This is good for us – it makes us dependent on God.

We are all in different situations, but if everyone in the church gave 5% of income we would be able to cover our costs. For example, if your income is £20,000 a year, 5% is £20 a week.

You can give to many things, but the only people who will give to St Mark’s are the family of St Mark’s.

It’s good to give regularly. We encourage giving by standing order or envelope – this makes things simple for you and helps the church to budget effectively. If you would like to know more about regular giving, please contact Helen Petit 01423 881594 who will be glad to help you.

If you pay tax, you can Gift Aid it by signing this form. Last year we were given £50,000 simply because people Gift Aided money.

Alternatively, you can give using this online form.

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