Oikos Community

Oikos Community

When:  First Saturday of the month and weekday evenings
Location:  Harrogate wide

About us:

A community for families with primary school aged children. Our desire is to be a community where adults and children can do discipleship together. We also want to make it really easy and natural to be able to bless our community and invite our non-church friends to come along and hang out with us.

Each month starts on the first Saturday with a walk and meal for the whole family, adults and children together, which is a great place to be able to invite our non-church friends to hang out with us. Through the month we then meet: as women; as men; and as adults (so we only need to get a babysitter once per month).


To find out more or to join this group contact the group leaders :
Chris & Kim Mason
Email: kim.mason@smch.org.uk