The Way

The Way

When: Tuesday evening 7:30pm.
Location: We meet in each other’s homes.  There’s no set pattern – it’s just what works best for the group each week.

What do we do:

We are a community which aims to have a predictable pattern of Up (where we spend time connecting with God by praying and reading the Bible together), In (where we get to know each other better over a meal), and Out (where we intentionally share the Good News of Jesus with others).  We also try to live out the 6 everyday rhythms of Re-create, Celebrate, Eat, Listen, Bless and Story.

What is our missional focus:

We are united behind a joint missional focus, which is centred around The Harrogate Hub.  We share its vision for everyone in Harrogate to know the love of God and love of community, and our part in this is to meet one Sunday per month at The Hub Community Café to serve coffee, pastries, get the morning newspapers and worship God together.  Our prayer is that people who wouldn’t normally go to church would come in and, over food and relaxed conversation, experience God’s love in a new and meaningful way.

As our community grows, we would like to be able to express this mission in a variety of ways, depending on what we think God is saying to each of us.  For example, some of us who are skilled in business are planning to set up a mentoring scheme from the Community Café in the hope that budding entrepreneurs would start to use the space during the day, and thereby experience the love of God and community.

If you think God might be calling you to reach out to not-yet-Christians via The Harrogate Hub, which is located in the town centre, then please do join us!

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:
Dan Watts