The Innisfree’s community

The Innisfree’s community

When:  Monday evening 7:45pm to 9:30pm
Location: Innisfree Close

About us:
We help and encourage each other to listen, draw closer, grow in love and trust in God our father. We know he is the source of our strength and we enjoy spending time in his presence.

We enjoy meeting together as family to share our stories and our ups and downs. We encourage each other by being there for one another and by praying for each other’s concerns. We are a busy group of people who find peace in our meeting.

We desire to be like Jesus. We aim to overflow with love for all we come into contact with. We encourage one another to recognise where God is at work and to respond. We pray regularly for those who do not yet know Jesus and are ready to share our faith as often as we can.

To find out more or to join this group contact the group leader:

Shirley Jones
Call:   07581289943        

Anne McVeigh