BRICK – The Kingdom of God Wk1

BRICK – The Kingdom of God Wk1

Jesus and the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God was the central theme in Jesus’ teaching and reaching.  On this basis alone it is worth studying. But beyond that, getting to grips with the meaning of the kingdom helps us to understand what for many is the deepest and most challenging question of our faith – “If God is King why is the earth in such a mess? What is he doing about it?”

Jan 27th: The Servant King
What does the phrase ‘kingdom of God’ mean? What did it mean to Jesus and to his hearers?  We see how Jesus modeled his ministry on the Jewish hope of a future king like David but also on the suffering servant of Isaiah.

Monday evenings 7.30 – 8.30 in the Community Room, led by Andrew Clarke
Coffee from 7.15pm. Free event and all welcome.